Stuninngly Fact : An Incridble Talent You Must See

artwork of a man in the beach
A Man Carried A Rake To The Beach.. When You Zoom Out The Photo.. Your Mind Will Surely Be Blown!

Andres Amador is not your typical artist who works in a room with a canvas, paint and paint brush. He is also not a sculptor that can create amazing sculptures. But Andres knows how to create an extraordinary art with the use of a single rake. 
He always spends time on the beach. But he is not there to swim neither to relax. He is there to fulfill his passion in creating artworks. There is a need to express his creativity towards his artistic creations. 
Using the rake that he carries whenever he goes to the beach, Andres creates spectacular artworks on the wet sand of the beach. He is aware that the waves will soon wash away his creations, but he doesn't care. 
A lot of patterns were created in more than 100, 000 square feet and if you are going to see it from a distance it will surely amaze you.
Andres Amador is a living proof that you can create art without damaging the environment. You can use natural pieces to create stunning and mesmerizing artworks. 

And he is also an inspiration to all because despite knowing that these creations that he made will bee washed away he still spends countless hours just to fulfill his passion on this kind of art.

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