World's Smallest Man Meets World's Tallest Man

 World's Smallest Man Meets World's Tallest Man

Sultan Kosen, the world's tallest man at 8ft 1in, and He PingPing, the world's smallest at 2ft 5.4in meet for the first time

The Turkish farm labourer and the pint-sized man from China were happy to pose at an event in Istanbul to mark the opening of the new Guinness World Records Live! Roadshow.

Kosen said: 'I've wanted to meet Pingping ever since I was awarded the title "tallest man" and I'm really happy that he was willing to travel to Turkey so we could both take part in the launch celebration of Guinness World Records Live! at Forum Istanbul - I can't wait to show him around our beautiful city.'
Also the world record holder for the largest hands and feet, Kosen, 27, seized the title of world's tallest man from China's Bao Xishun last September, beating his rival by 10cm.

He PingPing, the world's shortest man, has died aged 21. Here, we look back at when he met the world's tallest man. Sultan Kosen, 8 ft 1 in (246.5 cm), welcomes the shortest man in the world, 2 ft 5.37 in (74.61 cm) He Pingping, to his native Turkey
He PingPing met the woman with the longest legs
Sultan Kosen

Born and raised in the Mardin province of Turkey, Kosen's height is due to a condition known as pituitary gigantism.

After a series of surgeries to remove the tumor which was causing his excess growth, Kosen stopped growing in 2008.

He PingPing
At the opposite end, He PingPing, 21, suffers from a condition known as Primordial Dwarfism. According to his father, at birth he was small enough to fit into the palm of his parent's hand.

He lives with his family in Inner Mongolia, China and has travelled the world since being recognised by Guinness World Records. 

Last year, He PingPing met Svetlana Pankratova, the woman with the world's longest legs - measuring 51.96in long.

Hanging on: He Pingping just manages to wrap his tiny hand around one of Kosen's massive fingers

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