Biggest Bird's Nest


 The Sociable Weaver or Social Weaver (Philetairus socius) is a species of bird in the Passeridae family endemic to Southern Africa. It is monotypic within the genus Philetairus. It is found in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. but their range is centred around Northern Cape Province and southern Namibia. They build large compound community nests, a rarity among birds. These nests are perhaps the most spectacular structure built by any bird. The nesting colonies of the Sociable Weaver are amongst the largest bird-created structures. Sociable weaver’s nests are the biggest nests built by any bird and a single nest can accommodate up to three hundred birds, including their chicks.

China: Longest Sea Bridge in the World

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge:
 Longest SeaBridge in the World

China is currently the number one car market for many manufacturers out there and it’s no wonder why this is happening. It was one of the few countries that managed to smile in front of the recession and boost vehicle sales, while others relied on job cuts and layoffs to face the crisis and thus avoid the carpocalypse.
It’s no doubt that China will continue to play a key role in the automotive industry in the next few years and truth is that it really deserves all praises. Not necessarily because of the way it manages to support new car sales, but also thanks to the support it shows to the whole industry. Which, among others, also includes building the infrastructure that allows new cars owners to take the most out of their vehicles.Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is the living proof that the impossible is actually… well… possible, when you have the necessary know-how, resources and experienced workers.

Danxia Landform in China - Painted like Landscapes

Incredibly coloured rocky landscape that looks as though it's been painted

These incredible landscapes look as if they have been painted in the sweeping pastel brush strokes of an impressionistic artwork.
But in fact these remarkable pictures show the actual scenery of Danxia Landform at Nantaizi village of Nijiaying town, in Linzhe county of Zhangye, Gansu province of China.
Formed of layers of reddish sandstone, the terrain has over time been eroded into a series of mountains surrounded by curvaceous cliffs and unusual rock formations.

World's Largest Crocodile

Philippines: World's Largest Crocodile

Lolong was the largest crocodile in captivity. He was an Indo-Pacific or Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) measured at 20 feet 3 inches (6.17 m), making him one of the largest crocodiles ever measured from snout-to-tail.
In November of 2011, Australian crocodile expert Dr. Adam Britton of National Geographic sedated and measured Lolong in his enclosure and confirmed Lolong as the world's longest crocodile ever caught and placed in captivity.
Officials of the town of Bunawan  where the crocodile was captured said that experts from the National Geographic Channel found out that Lolong breaks the record of the previous record-holder: a 17 feet 11.75 inches (5.48 m) male saltwater crocodile named "Cassius" kept in the crocodile park of MarineLand Melanesia in Queensland, Australia.

China: Mother of all Traffic Jams

The Longest Traffic Jam in History – 12 Days, 62-Mile-Long

China is a great automotive market and will remain so as long as more and more manufacturers are attracted by cheap labor costs and state incentives.

But the downside of this breathtaking boom is actually the continuously increasing number of cars that reach the public roads in China. If we are to trust the estimates, no less than 7 million cars are expected to be on the road by 2015 in Beijing. What’s more, nearly 14 million cars are purchased each year, while 650,000 vehicles meet the road every month. It’s like saying: “hey, everybody in Beijing must have a car. No, make that two!”.

Authorities have tried to stop residents from buying so many cars, mostly in an attempt to reduce pollution and ease traffic, but their efforts are almost useless. Beijing drivers for example must leave their cars at home one day per week, based on a scheme that involves the last digit of the number plate, again in an effort supposed to ease traffic on Chinese roads. Still, local reports claim that the daily Chinese driver spends two or three hours per day in traffic, just because of the huge number of cars.

Dubai - Tallest Man-Made Structure in the World

Burj Khalifa (Arabic: برج خليفة‎, "Khalifa tower"), known as Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the tallest man-made structure in the world, at 829.8 m (2,722 ft) (163 floors)

Construction began on 21 September 2004, with the exterior of the structure completed on 1 October 2009
 Burj Khalifa was designed to be the centerpiece of a large-scale, mixed-use development that would include 30,000 homes, nine hotels
The Height of Burj Dubai, as it was known prior to its renaming as Burj Khalifa, was kept private until the building's completion in 2010. The developer held a tight grip over the buildings final height, although in 2006 a height of 808 meters had been leaked by an individual familiar with the technical aspects of the project. Ultimately in 2009 the official height, 20 meters taller than the leaked figure, was confirmed and the Burj Khalifa would claim the title of World's Tallest Building at 828 meters.

The building has returned the location of Earth's tallest freestanding structure to the Middle East, where the Great Pyramid of Giza claimed this achievement for almost four millennia before being surpassed in 1311 by Lincoln Cathedral in England.

The Great Ocean Migration: Thousands of Stingray Swims to New Seass

Twice a year in the Gulf of Mexico stingrays migrate. About 10 thousand stingrays swim from the Yucatan Peninsula to Florida in the spring and back in the fall.

Like autumn leaves floating in a sunlit pond, this vast expanse of magnificent stingrays animates the bright blue seas of the Gulf of Mexico.
Measuring up to 6ft 6in across, poisonous golden cow-nose rays migrate in groups - or 'fevers' - of up to 10,000 as they glide their way silently towards their summer feeding grounds.

Two Seas Meet (Baltic and North Seas )

Two Seas Meet (Baltic and North Seas )

In the resort town of Skagen you can watch an amazing natural phenomenon. This city is the northernmost point of Denmark, where the Baltic and North Seas meet. The two opposing tides in this place can not merge because they have different densities.
The area where the Baltic and the North Sea come into contact is quite shallow and so the contact face is relatively small. There is of course some mixing but it is quite minimal due to the difference of the density.

Emerald Lake in the crater of an extinct volcano

Emerald Lake in the crater of an extinct volcano. Tongariro National Park - NewZealand

The Emerald Lakes are situated in the Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. These lakes have yellow edges and are the water in them is pure turquoise. They are situated near the summit of Mt. Tongariro and they fill the craters which were created by the explosions in that area. The brilliance of their colors is mostly due to dissolved minerals in them, which are washed down from the nearby Red crater. Naturally, the mineral content of the water means you can’t drink or swim but the sheer beauty of these lakes is enough to mesmerize anyone who comes to see them .

Thor's Well - The Pacific Gateway to the UnderWorld

 Thor's Well - "the gates of the dungeon." CapePerpetua , Oregon. 
At moderate tide and strong surf, flowing water creates a fantastic landscape

Thor’s Well is part of Cape Perpetua, a typical Pacific Northwest headland – a forested area of land on the central Oregon Coast, surrounded by water on three sides. Thor’s Well is also often simply called the Spouting Horn. It is essentially a huge salt water fountain operated by the Pacific Ocean's power.

World Highest Chained Carousel

 Unbelievable but Fact!!

"Prater Tower in Vienna "

The World's Highest Chained Carousel, located in Vienna, at height of 117 meters.

The Prater tower stands compared with the Swiss house.

The carousel is a total of 117 metres high. In the tower construction there are three watches with 2.7 metres of diameter.
The golden-shining onion dome is lighted up with 1,200 LEDs.

Those who can not imagine exactly should see this  V I D E O!