Extremely Crazy Bridges Around The World

EXTREMELY CRAZY BRIDGES - you never know really exists around the world

Bridges are something we need daily for transportation. Have we ever imagined how crazy they can be built?

We haven’t but someone else must have imagined. This 5 bridges are result of those imaginations. These are damn crazily built bridges around the world.

 1. The Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan.


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This 44 meters high bridge is something you might want in games & not reality. But this roller coaster bridge is a daily route for japan. The Eshima Ohasi bridge connects the cities Matsue & Sakaiminato. You should definitely check your brakes before entering this bridge. Good luck drivers!

2. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia.

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This bridge is constructed 2300 ft above sea level, It is about 125 mt long curved walkway which gives you the best view ever. It is the longest free span curved bridge. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country.

3. Rolling Bridge, London.

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The Rolling Bridge is a type of movable bridge which curls.
The bridge consists of eight triangular sections which form a octagon when curled & it opens up forming a bridge. To allow
the passage of boats, the bridge curls up and it is again unrolled to get you across the Grand Union Canal.

4. Dragon King Kong Bridge, China.

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Dragon King Kong bridge is a pedestrian bridge of a total length of 185 meter and 22 meters height located in Changsha Meixi Lake District, China. The whole concept of construction is based on the principal of the Möbius ring. The bridge connects a mixture of beat on different heights. It gives the beautiful view of Dragon King Harbor River & also Meixi Lake.

5. The Helix Bridge, Singapore.

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The Helix bridge in Singapore is the world’s first curved “Double Helix” pedestrian bridge. This bridge is built just like a DNA structure.The bridge has some viewing platforms which is the best spot to view city’s skyline. Visitors can enjoy events happening within the Bay from the bridge itself. It gives you the
panoramic view of the Singapore city. It won the ‘World’s Best Transport Building’ award at the World Architecture Festival. Awards. Crossing this bridge is surely to have unique pleasant experience.

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